Casey Tierney

Visiting Assistant Professor

Educational Background

Ph.D., Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability, Northern Arizona University, 2019

M.S., Geology, Oregon State University, 2011

B.S., Geology and Environmental Studies, Iowa State University, 2009


Professional Experience

Visiting Assistant Professor, Humboldt State University, 2020-present

Lecturer, Central Washington University, 2019-2020

Geologist, Freeport McMoRan Climax mine, Colorado, 2012-2014

Geologist, Newmont Phoenix/Copper Canyon mines, Nevada, 2011-2012

Specialty Area

Igenous Petrology, Volcanology


HSU Courses Taught

GEOL 109 - General Geology

GEOL 303: Earth's Resources

GEOL 312: Earth Materials (Mineralogy)


My primary research interests involve understanding the evolution of magmatic and volcanic systems through a combination of physical volcanology, igneous petrology, and geochemistry. In particular, I seek to understand the timescales and dynamics by which magmas are generated, stored, and eventually erupted. To address these topics, my research involves the integration of a variety of field investigations, analytical techniques, and numerical modeling approaches to investigate the textures, chemical compositions, and ages of minerals and other erupted products - and eventually quantify the physical and chemical processes that occur in magma systems. Past and present research projects are focused on volcanic systems found in the Andes, Indonesia, and the Western United States.