Jasper Oshun

Assistant Professor

I am a geologist interested in near surface processes in the critical zone. My research tracks water as it moves through hillslopes to generatre runoff in streams, or as it is taken up by vegetation and transpired to the atmosphere. I am particularly interested in the geologic controls on the distribution of vegetation, and seasonal patterns in plant water use that might affect the amount of water that drains to streams. I use field based methods and stable isotopes to monitor plant water use, and the subsequent effect on runoff. HSU is ideally situated to explore the linkages between geology, vegetation, and water. 

Professional Experience

  • Fulbright Scholar - Lima, Perú, Spring 2022
  • Assistant Professor, Humboldt State University, 2015-present

  • Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant, UC Berkeley, 2009-2015

  • Co-Founder/Director of Global Student Embassy,  Sebastopol/Peru/Argentina, 2008-2009.

Specialty Area

I am interested in multidisciplinary projects exploring the critical zone, ecohydrology, fluvial geomorphology and water resources. In particular, I am interested in the effects of human activities on water resources. My research is local (Northern California) and international (Ecuador and Perú). 


B.A. Geology, International Relations 2005, Brown University,
Ph.D. Earth and Planetary Sciences, 2016, UC Berkeley

Courses Taught

GEOL 103 - The Water Planet
GEOL 109 - General Geology
GEOL 235 - Field Methods I
GEOL 306 - Geomorphology
GEOL 308 - Natural Disasters
GEOL 475 - Field Camp (California Springs 2016)
GEOL 475 - Field Camp in Zurite, Perú (2018, 2019)
GEOL 531 - Andean Water Development
GEOL 550 - Fluvial Processes
GEOL 551 - Hillslope Processes
GEOL 554 - Advanced Fields (Fall 2018 Salmon River)
GEOL 556 - Hydrogeology


Current and past master's students: 

Emily Santos MS 2020 Title: Age-specific and species-specific tree response to seasonal drought in tropical dry forests

Wyeth Wunderlich MS 2021 Title: Spatiotemporal patterns in water yield from the humid puna: a case study in the agrarian district of Zurite, Perú


Miles Munding-Becker Expected graduation 2023 Title: Hydrologic role of beaver dam analogs on the Scott River


Geoscientists Without Borders Seismic Soundoff Podcast, and Bonanza en los Andes Water development work in Perú youtube link.


AAPG Explorer February 2021: PDF icon aapgfeb21explorer.pdf


Oshun, J.; Keating, K.; Lang, M.; Miraya Oscco, Y. Interdisciplinary Water Development in the Peruvian Highlands: The Case for Including the Coproduction of Knowledge in Socio-Hydrology. Hydrology 2021, 8, 112. pdf

Oshun J, Dietrich WE, Dawson TE, Fung I (2015) Dynamic, structured heterogeneity of water isotopes inside hillslopes, Water Res. Research. PDF icon pdf

Link P, Simonin KA, Maness H, Oshun J, Dawson TE, Fung I (2014). Species differences in the seasonality of evergreen tree transpiration in a Mediterranean climate: Analysis of multiyear, half‐hourly sap flow observations. Water Resources Research 50: 1869-1894.

Simonin, K. A., Link, P., Rempe, D., Miller, S., Oshun, J., Bode, C., Dietrich, W.E., Fung, I., Dawson T.E., (2013). Vegetation induced changes in the stable isotope composition of near surface humidity, Ecohydrology, doi: 10.1002/eco.1420.

Jasper  Oshun
(707) 826-3112
Founders Hall, Rm. 22