Careers & Alumni

You will graduate Humboldt Geology with the skills you need to begin your career in geosciences. 

Career opportunities include positions with local, state, and federal government scientific and resource management agencies, geotechnical and environmental consulting firms, nonprofit conservation agencies, and universities, colleges, and K-12 schools.

A few examples of hiring agencies that routinely hire Humboldt Geology alumni are the US Geological Survey, California Geological Survey, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Caltrans, US Forest Service, the Army Corps of Engineers, and more.

Many Humboldt Geology alumni go on in careers in private geotechnical and geoengineering consulting firms, examples of firms that have recently hired our students are SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists, Lettis Consultants International, and LACO Associates. 

Some of our graduates decide to pursue an MS and/or PhD. Our Geology BS degree will set you up to complete all math, physics and chemistry requirements you need to apply for an MS or PhD program in geosciences in the United States.

No matter your path, you’ll leave the program ready to succeed. 

Common Job Titles of Alumni within 5 years of graduating with BA/BS degree

This list is not meant to be all inclusive; many other job alternatives and titles may exist.

environmental geologist
staff geologist 
geological consultant
technical writer or editor
emergency manager
hazards mitigation specialist

engineering geologist
field geologist
marine geologist
museum curator
science teacher

Marketable Skills

Field-Based Skills

  • Spatial Reasoning, ability to read maps
  • Observational skills and careful note taking
  • Understanding of Deep Time, and four-dimensional thinking
  • Ability to collect pieces of evidence and develop the most likely geologic explanation
  • Surveying Techniques,
  • Use of GPS and GIS
  • Pilot license to fly UAV


  • Written and Oral Presentation Skills
  • Working as part of a team
  • Designing, creating, and presenting scientific posters

Lab-Based Skills

  • GIS, geospatial analysis
  • Mineral identifications
  • Geochemistry of rocks, minerals, water, and soils


  • Work one-on-one with faculty to produce original research
  • Present your research at a national or international professional conference


  • Understand the origins of our natural resources and how they are managed
  • Identify the influence of humans on our natural systems