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Humboldt Geology students learn the field, lab, and scientific reasoning skills necessary to mitigate a variety of geological and environmental challenges. Our North Coast location near the Mendocino triple junction and the Klamath and Cascade mountains provides unique opportunities to study active geological processes like tectonics, volcanoes, glaciers and climate change, and rivers in an inclusive and fun learning environment.

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Major in Geology at Humboldt State

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It's easy to support Humboldt Geology's committment to a hands-on, field-based, and student-centered geological education. Your generous support will be used to fund field work and research opportunities for our students. We sincerely appreciate your support of Humboldt Geology. We look forward to seeing you out in the field!  


Program Overview

Our geology program offers a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree, giving you the flexibility to pursue the education—and career—that you want.

Studying our physical landscapes and the processes that form them gives you an understanding of our planet’s most pressing problems, and how to remedy them.

Bachelor's Degrees

Our program offers two majors, a BS in Geology and a BA with a Geology–Geosciences concentration.

Minor in Geology

We also offer a minor in Geology


We partner with local state agencies, consulting firms, and nonprofit organizations. Undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to get involved through faculty-advised research, internships, and outreach to local elementary schools.

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Featured Alumni Profile

Michelle Robinson, 2016

Staff Geologist, Pacific Watershed Associates

My work at Pacific Watershed Associates centers around water quality and aquatic habitat protection, which involves geomorphic and erosion related mapping, technical report writing, and client communication.

Career Options

Our graduates are known throughout the country for being highly prepared for the job market and have gone on to pursue a variety of careers.

Here are a few examples of possible career fields:

Environmental Scientist
Journalist/Technical Writer

Emergency Manager
Hazards Mitigation Specialist
Field Geologist
Marine Geologist
Museum Curator
Science Teacher