HSU Geology is a unique program, not only because of its location, but because of its partnerships with a number of agencies, offices, and programs dedicated to geologic studies.

Students gain real world experience working with these groups, and make connections that go beyond their college experience. The work also provides valuable information to academics, the media, and the public about safety, preparedness, and more.

Here is a list of resources and groups you can learn from and work with during your time at HSU.

HSU Earthquake Hotline (707) 826-6020
Humboldt State maintains a hotline for TKTK

Living On Shaky Ground
An HSU program that provides residents of the North Coast with preparedness advice for living in earthquake and tsunami country

Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group
An interagency group that works to reduce earthquake and tsunami hazards

The United States Geological Survey is an important partner with HSU, and works regularly with students faculty and staff

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
HSU works with these National Weather Service centers that monitor and study the Pacific Ocean and issue bulletins and warnings about tsunamis
HSU Lecturer Jay Patton’s blog has provided detailed information about earthquakes and other geologic events for years 


Cascades and Hawaiian Volcano Observatories
These USGS observatories monitor and research active volcanoes and work with HSU


California Shakeout
HSU is a participant in this annual statewide preparedness drill 


National Weather Service Eureka office
Woodley Island, located on Humboldt Bay, is home to the local NWS and NOAA offices, which work frequently with HSU