Amanda Admire


Amanda Admire
(707) 826-3111
Van Matre Hall, Room 110A

My name is Amanda Admire and I specialize in physical and geological oceanography, specifically tsunami current dynamics and hazard mitigation. My interests include understanding how tsunamis behave in harbors and ports, and how to help communities plan and prepare for large earthquakes and tsunamis. These efforts go hand-in-hand. Understanding the hazards posed by currents within the bay during a tsunami can give us a better understanding of how to prepare the maritime community and coastal community for the complications that can arise. I work with several colleagues on monitoring efforts to measure and evaluate both ambient currents and currents during tsunamis in Humboldt Bay through the PORTS Project. I also collaborate with the Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group and other community groups in an effort to increase awareness of our earthquake and tsunami hazard in the community, as well as empower and motivate our citizens to take action to be prepared.

Specialty Area

Tsunami currents, seismic hazards, natural disasters, community preparedness and engagement


B.S. Oceanography with emphasis in marine geology (HSU ‘10)
M.S. Environmental Systems - Geology with a focus on tsunami currents and coastal hazards (HSU ‘13)

Courses Taught

GEOL 103 The Water Planet
GEOL 106 Earthquake Country (online sections and face-to-face sections)
GEOL 303 - Earth's Resources and Global Environmental Change
GEOL 308/308L Natural Disasters
GEOL 465 Geoscience Capstone
GEOL 486 - Geology Research Methods
GEOL 700 Finding Faults in Humboldt County
Stars to Rocks - Summer Immersion


Current Projects & Research:

  • Study tsunamis and the currents they produce in our local harbors using ADCPs (current profilers)
  • Work with Harbor District, NOAA, & Chevron on PORTS project
  • Outreach with communities to increase earthquake & tsunami education and awareness