Harvey Kelsey

Research Associate

Harvey Kelsey
(707) 826-3991
Founders Hall, Rm. 15

My research interests initially focused on fluvial geomorphology, basin-scale geomorphic processes and sediment budgets within forested watersheds. My present research interests involve an integration of late Quaternary tectonic deformation, geomorphic processes, and Quaternary stratigraphy. My projects, which are collaborative efforts with colleagues, have used the tools of Quaternary stratigraphic analysis, in conjunction with digital imagery, to decipher paleoseismic history on the Cascadia and Sumatran subduction zones and to better understand tectonic evolution of the Yakima fold province within the Cascadia backarc region of central Washington, USA. While most of my Quaternary stratigraphic investigations have been in coastal wetlands where relative sea level changes inform subduction zone earthquake histories, more recent investigations have focused on the tectonic geomorphology of the Yakima folds of central Washington.

My publications and the thesis topics that I have advised reflect my range of research interests. Field studies have taken me to the northwestern United States (northern California, Oregon and Washington) and Alaska as well as to New Zealand, Japan and Indonesia.

Specialty Area

Active tectonics, Quaternary tectonics, Quaternary stratigraphy, fluvial geomorphology, sediment budgets


Ph.D., Geology, 1977, University of California, Santa Cruz
B.A., Geology, 1971, Princeton University


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